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Annabel Valerie Sclippa: Artist, Mermaid, Social Media Maven

Miss Sclippa's art expresses itself from a personal space of survival and transformation, rooted in a rich cultural background with a childhood that spanned France, China, Africa, New York, Colorado and Arizona. 


Early on, life presented challenges: malaria in West Africa, a spinal cord injury paralyzing her at 17 years old in Colorado (when she was an emancipated minor), then a series of life-saving surgeries through her 30s and 40s.


As her unconquerable spirit sees it, it's an opportunity to transmute. "The epiphany struck me that to heal, I must paint. I loved watching my grandfather paint - it transported me, seemingly transported him. I shut my Bed & Breakfast, resigned from local political positions, and started painting in 2012."


Since then, Miss Sclippa also expanded on the concept her friends have endowed her with since her Spinal Cord Injury, and become "The Global Mermaid." Bringing her art to life, she has embarked on this experiential project, creating mermaid costumes with friends, and then setting up shoots in some of her favorite places: Northern Spain and Southern France on the Mediterranean, and on the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica, California, and Mexico.


Now that she has bushwhacked for other people with disabilities, finding the best photo locations, team members, restaurants, hotels, and expeditions, she offers full travel opportunities to others who wish to live the Mermaid Dream, no matter your dis- or a- bility!


*all work on this website is original ~ please ask artist permission for reproduction*

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