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The Written Word

articles, novellas, chapbooks, novels, recipes, poetry,
short stories

by Annabel V Sclippa

On Amazon

Blood, Bones & Bliss

"It's been a while since the written word has painted such imagery in my mind's eye and stirred my emotions to the degree this wonderful book has. This is one of those, "grab a glass of wine, get cozy under the afghan on a lazy day" kind of books where you can just drift away. It's soft like that; the way the words fall, and with several of the writings, I can hear the heroine of a movie THINKING so many of these thoughts while she reflects on her life and loves."                  

                                           -Amazon Reviewer Shawna Newton


​A 40 Poem Book on Love, in Transformational Slam

For Writing Inquiries: text (928) 224-9090 or email

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Author's Bio

Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BA in English, Major in Creative Writing from CU-Boulder. Currently living near Sedona, AZ, with my cat and my darling man. I am nourished by writing, creating gardens and pleasing palates, designing living structures, being a proprietress, painting my process, and enhancing the lives of others.


Notable achievements: 

Opened the first Bed & Breakfast in Cottonwood, AZ, 2007-2012

Vice President of the Old Town Association ‘07-’12, and Historic Preservation Commissioner, ‘12-’17

During Prison Writing course, impetus to teach English to Colorado Prisoners, now a state program

Assistant Editor of Walkabout literary journal, CU-Boulder, 1999

Established the Colorado Wheelchair Tennis Foundation with Jane Shafroth and Valerie Walls, 1994

Most Promising Player, Randy Snow Tennis Camp; won my 1st tennis chair, 1993; won US Open 1994


Published work:

Verde Independent/The Noise, 2012 monthly columnist, Historic Preservation/Old Town Cottonwood

One Dozen Little French Breakfasts and the Little Stories that Came with Them, a cookbook, 2010

Women with Spinal Cord Injuries: Implications of Hospitalization & Rehab in the USA & NL, 2001

Walkabout Literary Journal for the Undergraduate School of English at CU-Boulder, 1999, poems

Rituals Medical Literary Journal CU-Denver Health Sciences Center, 1999, article

Blood, Bones & Bliss, a chapbook of poetry, on Amazon


Disability work:

Counseled new injuries at Burke Rehab Center in White Plains, NY

Spoke on panels: BLDR School of Massage, CU-Denver Health Sci Center, SW Acupuncture College

ADA evals and proposals, Boulder Independent Living Center

Pace University, instructed crew through upgrading campus wheelchair access


TV appearances:

ABC 15, PHX, AZ, 5pm Smart Shopper show with Daphne Monroe, special on The Annabel Inn

ABC TV, NY, Primetime with John Guinones, special on John of God

ABC 15, PHX, AZ, Morning News, special for wheelchair tennis


Completed works, which are ready to present:

Wheeling with Wings – transforming trauma: car accident to winning US Open, Wheelchair Tennis

What is Walking? - Autobiographical stories of my walking therapies throughout the world

Chronicles of a Girl – geared towards young adults, the early years of my life, novella

Left Shoulder Shot – my Joan of Arc Story, a novella

To the Lu – my ridiculously funny and absurd interchanges with “toilets” world-wide, short-stories

Ghost of a Love – my first paranormal romance


Works In Progress:

Stephen and his Magic Ways – a year spent with Stephen Stinner, healer and charlatan, novella

30s is Primetime – love in the lust years, a chapbook of poetry

Humans and other Winged Creatures – messages sent by winged things, short stories

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