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Verde Independent Newspaper, "What's Happening" Section on Feb 9th 2018


The art event Risqué will be shown in the Pillsbury Wine Tasting Room on Saturday, Feb. 10 during the Art Walk in Old Town Cottonwood.


Featured displays include Risqué with Hot Photography by Mark Broadus, new art work from Steven Schutz that is boundary testing, a revealing new selection of paintings on Men, Women & Wine by Annabel Sclippa Art, and mixed media art that pulls on your heart by Gilbert Pogany....


Feb 2nd 2015 SuperBowl Sunday


Wheelchair Accessible Arizona Attractions

by Roger Naylor


Front Page of the Sunday Travel Section

Artist Highlight:



June 20, 2014





Opening 4/4/14 @4PM


Main Stage, Cottonwood


Showing April 4-30


10% of Opening benefits Verde Valley Shelter

MANHEIM GALLERY, Opening Reception

​Susan Smith March 2012

Manheim Gallery, April 2013

Brian Ferry March 2012


A New Career!
Carol Simons March 2012

After 5 years and 10 days of running an award-winning Bed & Breakfast I shut my doors and became

a fine art painter...

See this article for my story.

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