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Costa Rica Dream Team


I have hand-selected for you, the best space-holders, the kindest practitioners, and the most at ease with wheelchair and able-bodied flow synergy, from the incredible array of instructors and guides I have seen here in Nosara. It has been a consistently elevating and healing experience to work with each of these talented practitioners that I now bring to you.

Annabel Sclippa

Annabel is your Tour Leader. A wheelchair user since 1988, Miss Sclippa has continued her lifetime of travel, nonplussed by the SCI injury she received as the result of a car accident in Boulder, CO when she was 17 years old. Miss Sclippa has been making regular trips to Nosara, Costa Rica, almost annually, since 1999. She lives in Old Town Cottonwood, near Sedona, Arizona. (Optional: mermaid photo shoots)

Akashya Cris

Sahaja yogini and Samadhi Dancer, Akashya has been on the path of Movement Arts and Yoga since childhood. Holding certifications in various Yoga lineages and having facilitated under the guidance of awakened masters during her years of monastic life in India and Thailand, Akashya's offerings embody a lighthearted and masterful synergy of tools for awakening our intrinsic wisdom pathways of healing, nectar and freedom.

Alix Price

Alix Price is a meditation teacher and intuitive life coach, dedicated to supporting and inspiring others to experience freedom. She is passionate about sharing the reminder to thrive, not just survive. She grew up in Asia, then two decades in NYC, and now lives in Nosara, where she works with clients live & online, teaches public classes, and offers workshops and custom retreats. She is a breathwork facilitator, certified yoga educator and certified transformational life coach.

Ellie & Ray Moss

Ray and Elizabeth Moss moved to Nosara, Costa Rica from Sonoma County California 13 years ago to start building their dream of a place where people could enjoy the tranquility of nature and slow down into the Pura Vida lifestyle. Ray is a photographer, loves to surf the great waves here. Elizabeth enjoys yoga, animals & cooking fantastic meals.


Lenore Culin

Lenore Culin, MA, is a holistic counselor, educator and visionary media producer. Her Attunement program is uniquely effective for evolving the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of human potential. She also offers advanced energy clearing and alignment. Having refined, expanded and streamlined different energy healing approaches for the most rapid and beneficial results, she applies kinesiology to identify and address key or hidden energetic causes of physical, emotional, and lifestyle concerns.

Shlomo Eizencot

Alya Retreat Center was established in 2009 by Shlomo Eizencot in the beautiful pacific coast of Costa Rica, about an hour north of Nosara. Shlomo feels one of the fundamentals of Kundalini yoga is that within each of us exists the infinite wisdom. He guides us in connecting with our inner wisdom: helping set us free of emotional, mental and spiritual limitations. His received his teacher training and taught at Yoga West where the founder, Yogi Bhajan, lived, practiced, and taught.


Ashley Ludman graduated magna cum laude with a degree in occupational therapy. After spending a decade in the rehab model, she ventured into wellness, opening Seaside Yoga in 2002. She supported a developing yoga community and trained Yoga educators until 2010, when she made the move to Nosara, Costa Rica. Ashley has continued her work through Breathwork, bodywork, energy medicine and sacred ceremony; currently trains facilitators, both in Costa Rica and the US.


Cy Rinkel

Water is Cy's natural element and Nosara is her playground.  She is a WATSU practitioner, a beach labyrinth facilitator, a semi-retired chiropractor of 36 years, a collage artist and a soul friend to many with whom I have the honor to cross paths. She has lived in Nosara for 10 years.


Practitioners are subject to change based on availability.

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