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fine art by Annabel V Sclippa

disability art . tranformative art . nature art . human body art . medical art

Men, Women &Wine

Now Showing at Pillsbury Wine as part of the Risque Show


Seen here from left to right: Viognier By the Bay, Desert Diva, and Rose All Day!


New canvases featuring a blend of watercolor, liquid acrylic ink, acrylics and pencil.


Other pieces include male form: Harvest and Desire



Show is up through May 1st, 2018




New home to the LADY AS LANDSCAPE series.


Pillsbury Wine Company has fabulous wines, and they are always served by beautiful women ~ now add lovely forms of painted ladies to the walls, and the setting is complete.


Originals have mostly SOLD, but prints and greeting cards are available.


Visit their tasting room in Old Town Cottonwood at 1012 N Main St for a taste of the best!

Lilies of the Chakra

The Seven Lilies of the Chakra, original ROOT chakra, and prints of all seven from ROOT to CROWN, are showing at Pillsbury Wine Co North in Old Town Cottonwood.


Wickenburg Nights

This series of Wickenburg Nights, including Mystic Medic, was inspired by necessity. I had set out on a great West Coast adventure, but instead spent months in the hospital and rehab after almost dying - again. 


I had the exquisite opportunity to stay in a museum-quality adobe, and these paintings were created while I was bedbound and rehabilitating.


These series of multi-colored metal prints from the original watercolors are available at Cellar 433 in Jerome.


"It's been a while since the written word has painted such imagery in my mind's eye and stirred my emotions to the degree this wonderful book has. This is one of those, "grab a glass of wine, get cozy under the afghan on a lazy day" kind of books where you can just drift away. It's soft like that; the way the words fall, and with several of the writings, I can hear the heroine of a movie THINKING so many of these thoughts while she reflects on her life and loves."                  

                                           -Amazon Reviewer Shawna Newton






​A 40 Poem Book on Love, in Transformational Slam

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