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The Magic Triangle

From the Gaudi and Dali Barcelona art scene we travel along the Mediterranean coast to Nice, then through the sunflower and lavender markets through a nip of the Pyrenees and to Toulouse. 
BOOK TODAY - space is limited to 3 wheelchairs (6 people maximum).

Let me show you the Magical Triangle around Southern France, my birthplace, as I know and love it. For those with limited physical mobility, I have already done all the reconnaissance missions for you. From the Luberon to Nice, Barcelona and the Midi-Pyrenees. You have entered my favorite triangle of the world, and I take great pleasure in sharing it with you. We will make a trip of a lifetime catered to you and your group. Trip focus can be based on markets, ocean, wine, hot springs, nature drives or all of these. Mermaid costumes & photos optional.

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